Judy and Robert are amazing people raisig amazing dogs!  We got our fur baby from them a year and a half ago and not only do we have the perfect dog we gained to friends in Judy and Robert.  The process from start to finish was awesome.  Judy sent pictures and videos of our puppy almost daily.  When we arrived to meet our little one Judy and Robert met us at the airport with our little puppy!  We spent a few hours with them meeting the parents and the other dogs having a great time.  When we left Judy and Robert stopped at Rainbow Falls for us to see and take pictures.  Our little puppy-Nani has been nothing short of amazing and healthy!  If you are looking for a poodle look no futher as these two care about their animals and your experience meeting your forever puppy.  Thank you Nani and being great friends!  Jimmy and Jennifer (lives on Oahu)
I searched almost 2 years for a toy poodle.  Searched the web for breeders and contacted a few.  I found Judy and left her my number with a request for an apricot pup.  Last March I got a call and text from her with a picture.  Went to see the pup the same weekend.  I also assessed the environment in which  pups were raised and how they were cared for.  I was extremely pleased.  I reserved the apricot pup.  "Missy" is my dog's name.  She is smart and a very good company.  I am happy.  Eespecially liked the idea that parents were from Japan.  A while back, I had a female poodle purchased locally from a breeder in Honolulu.  She developed a spinal problem.  Although she was on diapers for over 4 years, she lived to a ripe age of 17.  Again, I am very happy with my Missy.  K. Fujita (lives on Oahu)