Updated on 5/5/2024



Home of Happy and Healthy Toy Poodles

Since COVID-19 Pndemic, we are no longer inviting customers to inside of our home.
FaceTime is almost always available to show you our puppies and parents.
Most puppies are shipped through air cargo or picked at the Hilo airport.
(For customers on big island, outside of our home by garage would be the possible puppy pick up place.)
Thank you for understanding.


Thank you for visiting our website.

We are a family with toy poodles
of many colors— white, cream, apricot,  brown, black, red, sable, parti and phantom. 

Long ago, when we wanted toy poodles, it was very hard to find them here in Hawaii. 

We did our research, and then we imported some cute, healthy toy poodles with good temperaments from Japan.

All of our dogs exercise and play outside in a big grassy fenced yard as much as they want all day, then go up their stairs to our long covered lanai to rest in the shade or come back inside the house when they want to.
We take all of them out for run 3 times a day besides them being free, to make sure they get their exercise. We are lucky to live in 14+ acres family farm in Hawaii. 

Our home-grown puppies 
play hard all day, eat good food, & sleep well.
Watching them growing up with their family is pure joy to us, we love living a healthy life together.

When we have requests from good people,
We breed our dogs to produce happy, healthy and cute puppies for families’/individuals’ pets, companions, so they can enjoy our puppies just as much as we enjoy them.

Our past puppies