We love our Chairo, toy poodle boy, very much.
He is very special.

To tell you the truth, we were so excitied, and at the same time, not so optimistic, not sure about getting a boy puppy at first.
We had doubt..... Is he going to bring us trouble?  Is he going to lift up his legs and make mess all over the house?
Who knew he will be one of the best thing happened to us.
He is So Smart, So Cute and So Sweet.
He fills our heart, makes us smile, brings us joy.
He gave us passion to produce toy poodles just like him.... Smart, Sweet, Cute and Healthy.
He is far from show dog quality.... his legs are little too short, and when he has teddy bear hair cut, he looks like a stuffed animal. 
Chairo's breeder Shawny who breeds poodles/doodles in Kona, Hawaii, is a special lady to us, our mentor.  

We DNA tested all our dogs to make sure we do not produce genetic diseases affected dogs, we do not inbreed, and we get advice from Dr.s and our knowledgable friends.

We are dedicated to produce cute, smart and healthy puppies for family pet, companion.
Our goal is our puppies to have a good life with new families, and us to build good relationship with them.