Aloha, My name is Chairo.
(DNA genetic test by Embark all clear)
I am 6. lb., 8 inch high. 
Chairo means brown color in Japanese.
I was born dark brown, my eyes, eye-lines, nose, lips and paws are all brwon.  Now I am 5 years old, turing my color to silver bage. 
My daddy and mommy tells me that I am a lady killer, magnet to attract humans, because I am too cute, sweet and very smart.
I produce cute puppies with all of my girlfriends.
(black, white, red, apricot, cream,phantom, parti)

Aloha, My name is Cupid.
(Embark DNA genetic test, all clear)
4.5 lb., 8.5 inch high.
My dad is Taro, I am Taro Jr. 
Aloha, my name is Apollo
(DNA genetic tested by Wisdom all clear)
5 lb., 10 inch high
I just moved to Hawaii, and I love my new family and life too. 
My aunty said, I am very friendly, loving guy who loves to play. 
Hi, My name is Taro.
(DNA genetic tested by Embark)
I am from Japan, 7 lb., 10 inch high.
All of my ancestors in pedigree are red color.
I produced nice red, apricot, black, red & white, and phantom color puppies
with my girl friends.
Some ladies tell me I am good looking, because I have small hips, good legs, square shape body.
(my legs are not short like....Chairo)
My family is from famos breeders in Japan.
My mommy tells me I am so sweet, friendly, smart, and athletic boy,
that I could be in circus show.
I love to be on a human's lap.