What we do
  1. early neurological stimulation (day3-16)
  2. deworm puppies every 2 weeks(week 2, 4, 6, and 8)
  3. trim puppies' nails as needed.
  4. health check up and 1st. parvo-vaccine by Vet. (sometime in between week 6-8 old)
  5. bubble bath, wash, puppies before handing over to the new owner (normaly after weaning, about 1 week after vaccine, a day before handling to the new owner/family)

We make sure puppies' health to be in the best way as possible, 
Cherish them and take good care of them with lots of love until the new owner/family takes over.

Puppy normally comes with 
  1. 1st parvo-vaccine and health check up by certified veterinary.
  2. 2 lb. puppy food which puppy was eating with mom dog. 
  3. a toy with mom and sibling's smell. (if there are sibling)
  4. a few absorband pads, (the same one we use, Amazon brand)
  5. a few chews, bully sticks.
  6. 30 days health insurance from Trupanion.

Things we recomend to prepare for getting a puppy.
  1. crate, fence, gate, or kennel to give your puppy his/her safe space in your home.
  2. pet bed
  3. absorbent pads
  4. puppy food
  5. chews
  6. toys
  7. food & water bowls
  8. things to clean for mistakes (ex. 1/2 cup distiled white vinegar & 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle and paper towels)
  9.  training treats
  10. collar & leash (good to have a tag with name and phone number)