Please contact us if you are looking for a puppy.

If you have filled out puppy application, and haven't hard from us, I am sorry, please call us.
(808)936-0524 (phone number has been changed.)


Average litter size is 2.5 puppies in a litter.
Price of a puppy is $3,000. to $6,000. (Includes shipping fee)

Price of a puppy can varies based upon gender, color, and size, of the puppy chosen and several other factors some of which include : puppy's parents, natural or c-section birth, etc.

All of our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract.

Most of our puppies will be provided with AKC limited registration.  

We reseved the right to have first pick of the litter for our family.

We have the right to refuse to sell customers at anytime who we think are not suitable to be our puppies new owners.