We love all of our doggies, and we do not want to do unnecessary/over breeding them.  Because we have newborn puppies around, it is not a good idea for retired/non-breeding doggies to go public places and accidently bring paracites back to home. We would love our retired doggies, young adults, to go to a loving new families, and live a wonderful new life. 

All retired adult doggies will be health examed, spayed, dental cleaned, microchiped, annual vaccinations done by certified veterinarian before leaving us.

Price: $1,400. to $2,000.
(Shipping fee of $150. included)
(copy of AKC registration will be provided.)

If you are interested in adopting an adult dog, please fill out "puppy application", and comment that you are interested in adult dog.

Thank you very much.


We are planning to retire a few girls at the end of this year, 2022, we will post information of them in September / October.
Thank you.