We love all of our doggies, and we do not want to unnecessary/over breeding them.  Because we have newborn puppies around, retired/non-breeding doggies can not go public places and accidently bring paracite back home. We would love retired doggies to go to a loving new family and live a wonderful life. 

All retired adult doggies will be health examed, spayed, dental clened, microchiped, annual vaccinations done by certified veterinarian before leaving us.

Price: $1400. to $2000.
(Shipping fee of $150. included)

If you are interested in adopting an adult dog, please fill out "puppy application", and comment that you are interested in adult dog.

Thank you very much.


AKC registered 5 lb poodle.
Birthday 4/19/2019
Availabel on 7/1/2022 
(spaying surgery on 6/17/2022)

AKC registered 7 lb poodle
Birthday 9/15/2019
Available 7/15//2022
(spaying surgery on 6/29/2022)
We would love Mocha to go with her litter mate Latte, together, to a loving new family.
$2800. (with Latte)


AKC registered 11 lb poodle.
Birthday 9/15/2019
Available 7/15/2022
(spaying surgery on 6/30/2022)
We would love Latte to go to a new loving family with her litter mate Mocha.
$2800. (price for both)


AKC registered 16 lb poodle.
Birthday 5/2/2020
Available 7/28/2022
(spaying surgery on 7/14/2022)